Useful Links for Parents

Activities for little ones that don’t need a houseful of expensive toys to entertain – PlayHooray.

Yoga, Mindfulness & relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+ – Cosmic kids

A range of fun, interesting and relevant activities and challenges for children – Pawprint Badges 

Home Learning Resources List for Schools and Families – Chatterpack

Learning resources for adults, children & parents: find videos and audio clips by level, subject and topic – BBC Bitesize

Interactive Maths learning for your whole school – My Maths

Home Schooling and Unschooling Resources – John Holt GWS

Fun, informative & Captivating talks to inspire young minds – TED Talks

1000’s of documentaries – Curiosity Stream

Amazing facts about animals, science, history and geography, along with fun competitions, games and more – Nat Geo Kids

There are the well-known links to;

Here are some links to short meditation videos that can be used with children to calm them, put them in the right mindset before or at the end of the day. Whenever the parent/carer decides they need to! And a couple for parents and teachers! That may be of use too.

They are recorded by Rachel Swannick(who is amazing!) from Chroma who are the UK’s leading provider of arts therapies

Guided Meditation – Thank you

A guided meditation from Rachel Swanick from Chroma – helping you and you children relax and stay calm, especially when levels of anxiety and stress can be …

Guided Meditation – Magic Chest

Rachel Swanick from Chroma guides you and your children through a meditation story to help calm, unwind and relax.

Music Mediation

A calming music mediation from Rachel Swanick at Chroma.

Tropical Island

Drift away to a tropical island – warm sand, lapping waves and the sun shining over your body. Rachel Swanick from Chroma guides you through a calming and re…

Self-Care – for parents/carers & teachers some useful articles;

Helping Anxious Youngsters

Coronavirus Specific Advice