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Parent and Foundation Governor Letter to Parents Sept-17

composition of Governing Body Sept-17

Foundation Governor Fact Sheet Sept-17

Parent Governor Fact Sheet Sept-17

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SIAMS Report

SIAMS Report March 2017

Our admissions policy is now available for 2017-2018. Please click the link below.

Admission Policy 2017-18


Tia's Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for School Dog


2017 - 2018 Term Dates

Term Dates 2017 - 2018


School Menu Autumn 2017

School Lunch Menu Autumn Term 2017


School Calendar                   

22-26.1.18    Whole School

                    Focus Week

                    'Around the World'

25.1.18         Yr 5's Partnership

                    Street Dance

26.1.18         Day of Dance with Keeva

                    Followed by WHOLE School Performance

                    at 2:30pm

7.2.18           YR & Y6

                    Heights & Weights

                   (Further details to follow)         

12-16.2.18   HALF TERM

19.2.18        INSET School Closed to pupils

1.3.18          World Book Day

27-28.3.18   Parent-Teacher Metings

28or29.3.18 Easter Bonnet Parade &

                   Eggstravaganza  TBC

28or29.3.18 Easter Service TBC

29.3.18       Break up at 1:30pm

16.4.18       Summer Term begins 









Raising Achievement Plan

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Target 1 - To accurately assess F1s and F2s within first six weeks and ensure those identified as most able have tasks that stretch and challenge them to ensure that they make strong progressLeaders and governors have a deep, accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness informed by their monitoring and the views of pupils, parents and staff. They use this to keep the school improving by focusing on the impact of their actions in key areas.

Target 2 – To strengthen and drive improvements in Christian distinctiveness, RE and worship by establishing a more systematic and formal system of monitoring and evaluation that include the views of all stakeholders.

Target 3 – School leaders support a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires pupils to learn. Teaching staff create a climate where deepened learning through enquiry, resilience and reasoning is promoted



Target 1 – Across almost all year groups current pupils make consistently strong progress in writing (both in English as well as other subjects), developing secure knowledge, understanding and skills.


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Target 1 - To ensure all pupils show a positive attitude to learning and make at least ‘good’ progress Pupils love the challenge of learning and are resilient to failure. They are curious, interested learners who seek out and use new information to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Target 2 – Pupils will use enquiry, resilience and reasoning skills to provide a firm foundation from which a poem of greater substance and depth can be created.

Target 3– To develop reasoning skills in mathematics by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Target 1 - To offer a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that promotes the personal development of pupils and develops creativity and a healthy lifestyle alongside a ‘can do’ attitude and resilience to learning.

Target 2 - To further improve the quality of PE and Sport offered at Bletchingdon School.

Target 3 – To develop pupil’s knowledge and understanding of diversity and difference


Early Years Foundation Stage

Target 1 – To ensure a highly stimulating environment and exceptional organisation of the curriculum provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences allows children to make at least typical progress and most children make progress that is better than this from their starting points.

 Target 2 – To develop the EYFS outside area to ensure it reflects all curriculum areas and meets the needs of those children whose outside play is central to their learning.