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SIAMS Report

SIAMS Report March 2017

Our admissions policy is now available for 2017-2018. Please click the link below.

Admission Policy 2017-18

Bletchingdon Primary school now has a dog called Tia! See the risk assesment on the link below.

Risk assessment for School Dog


2016 - 2017 Term Dates

Term Dates 2016-2017 doc

School Calendar

20th July   Y6 Leavers' Service at St. Giles 2:15pm

21st July   Leavers' Assembly in school 8:50am  

                Break Up 1:30pm




Raising Achievement Plan

2016 – 17 Key RAP (Raising Achievement Profile) Targets

Pupil Outcomes

Target 1 - To accurately assess F1s and F2s within first six weeks and ensure those identified as most able have tasks that stretch and challenge them to ensure that they make strong progress

Target 2 – To ensure all F1 and F2 pupils make at least ‘typical progress’ from their point of entry, with 71%+ meeting GLD

Target 3 – To maintain / exceed % pupils meeting standard for Year 1 phonics

Target 4 – To ensure % pupils in Year 2 and % pupils in Year 6 that are ‘working at the expected standard’ at end of year in all subjects is at least in line with national expectation

Target 5 - Most pupils in all year groups will make at least ‘expected progress. Those identified as making less than expected progress last year, will make better than expected in order to ‘close the gap’.


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Target 1 – To at least maintain an Ofsted ‘good’ standard of teaching across the school

Target 2 – To maintain regular communication with parents thus ensuring their support with their child’s progress

Target 3 – To embed last year’s ‘Growth Mindset’ approach to learning.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Target 1 - To ensure all pupils show a positive attitude to learning and make at least ‘good’ progress 

Target 2 – With introduction of new staff,  ensure a consistent whole school approach to both positive and unwanted behaviours

Target 3– To embed the SRE curriculum (including the teaching of ‘keeping safe’).


Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Target 1 - Staff value the continuing professional development provided by the school and the positive impact it can have on their teaching and pupils’ learning

Target 2 - Leaders and governors use performance management effectively to improve teaching. They use accurate monitoring of all staff to identify and spread good practice across the school

Target 3 – School leaders, including governors provide clear information to parents via the website, ensuring the information is up-to-date

Target 4 – Ensure the policy schedule is kept up-to-date and policies reviewed/ratified regularly.



 Target 1 – Embedd staff and governors knowledge of their role in a VA school in light of staffing and governor changes

 Target 2 – Ensure that the school’s distinctiveness as a church school is explicit

 Target 3 – Ensure smooth transition between out-going and in-coming RE co-ordinator.