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Monday 17th December
Carols - St. Giles Church 6pm

Friday 21st December
Christmas Party & Party Lunch (NO hot meals)
Term finishes at 1:30pm


Kingfisher Class - Year 3 and 4

Dear Parents

Welcome back. I hope you all had a wonderful Summer holiday and a good rest. The Kingfisher Class have a very busy and exciting term ahead of them. The Kingfisher team is made up of myself, (Miss Follen – Class Teacher) and my two teaching assistants, Mrs Jacques and Mrs Winter. The following information will tell you what we shall be getting up to in the following weeks up until Christmas.


We will be using our Stone Age topic this half term within our English. First we will be exploring short stories about the Stone Age before writing our own example of a short story. The children will be developing their sentence structure and language skills to describe and create an image of characters and settings. Following this, we will be exploring and writing instructions followed by reading, reciting and writing poetry. After the half term, the children will be reading, exploring and writing their own reports centred around the Stone Age.

Our whole class guided reading text willl be Clive King’s Stig of the Dump. The children will read this book using it to develop their reading comprehension skills as well as using the text within their English lessons.


In Maths, our focus this term is Numbers and Operations. We will be covering Numbers and the Number System – place value, sequences, rounding, estimating, number patterns and relationships and mental strategies. We will look at all the Operations – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. Within our lessons, we will apply our learnt skill to problems, puzzles and reasoning activities.

National expectation is that pupils will know all their tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year Four. This is something we will continue to practise daily so that all children can reach this expectation. Therefore your continued support will be invaluable.


This term in science, the children will be learning about Forces and Magnets. Our lessons will be very practical as we will be carrying out some exciting investigations. Some of the learning involves the children finding out about different forces and identifying materials which attract or repel magnets.

History and Geography Topic

Our topic for the first half term will be The Stone Age. We will be exploring what life was like in The Stone Age and how people survived. We will be exploring Stone Age animals, tools and weaponry and cave paintings. Further along in the term, we will be investigating what life was like in the Bronze Age and identifying and exploring settlements from this time in history.


We will be using our History topic in Art and DT as our main inspiration for our designs this term. First we shall be exploring and creating our own cave paintings. We will also be creating our own sculptures using natural resources. As the term progresses, we will be creating our own 3D models of axe heads before exploring different fabrics to make pictures depicting The Stone/Bronze Age.


In PE, the children shall have two sessions per week. One session will be taught by a sports coach and I will teach the other. My focus this half term is footwork skills. Stuart will then apply these skills to Football in his session. Swimming will start in the Spring term when we will swim for 12 weekly sessions.

Space in the cloakroom is at a premium, so it would be helpful if PE kits could be kept in fabric draw string bags (as opposed to rucksack type bags) as these take up less space on the peg rail.

PE kits should include a sports t-shirt with logo, black or navy shorts and trainers. Girls are not allowed to do PE in their tights, so require socks in their kit. Children with pierced ears must either remove their earrings or have them covered with plasters supplied from home for all PE lessons. Please keep PE kits in school all week.


We will be developing our French language skills this term by learning how to speak simple phrases, practising our pronunciation of simple phrases and sentences and asking and answering simple questions surrounding the topic of school. We will be playing games, singing songs and completing tasks and challenges.

Philosophy for Children/PSHCE

During the first few weeks we will be using our PSHCE hour to settle into the Lower Juniors. We will be creating our own rules for the class, thinking of our own self targets and learning how the Kingfisher Class works. We will then be developing our friendship skills this term. We will be exploring what makes a good friend, how we can resolve any conflicts and develop our social and communication skills through whole class discussions, games and activities.


This half term, we will be developing our awareness of E-Safety. We will be coming up with strategies as to how we can stay safe online. After half term, we will be developing our word processing skills and PowerPoint skills to present our work on The Stone and Bronze Age.


This term, the children will be taught Music by Mrs Donaghey on a Friday afternoon. Mrs Donaghey will link her Music lessons to the Stone Age.


Every child should be reading regularly at home – we ask that your child reads for 15 minutes five times a week. Please use this time to discuss the book and the characters as this will help develop their comprehension of the book. Please ensure that your child’s book and reading record is in school and signed as we will be checking daily that your child is reading. There is a class reading ladder in the classroom. The children who reach the top will receive a reward for consistently reading 5 times a week at home.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned the following Thursday. Spellings will be given out on a Friday too and will be tested the following Friday. Times Tables will be tested on a Friday morning – please ensure that you are helping your child learn their times tables. Having secure times table facts is so important as children can apply these facts across all areas of mathematics.

Now the children are in the Lower Juniors, we would like to allow the children to develop their independent skills. We ask that the children come into the classroom independently, put their school belongings away and prepare themselves for the day independently. If you need to speak to myself or another member of the Kingfisher class, please catch us at the end of the school day. Of course if the message is urgent, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Volunteers Please

If any parents would like to offer some of their time and volunteer in school, we would welcome you to come in and listen to children read, assist children with their timetables or help when we are cooking/painting, so please do come and see me if you can help in any way.

Thank you, Frankie Follen and the Kingfisher Team.